Ask yourself that who are you? More than the answer, the way of finding that will help.

 “Who am I” and “What is my effect in life” are questions that are plying a specific role in our minds and lives. As a solution and in one sentence, I tell you that ask yourself “Who am I”? Because more than the answer, it is the path of finding the answer that opens the way to discover the truth. By the way, this solution is one of my tweets that I have also published on my LinkedIn page. I mentioned this so if you are eager to see my notes, follow those pages. “Who I am” and “What role I have in this world” are fundamental questions that have occupied the human mind since the beginning of history. Of course, this may not be so clear to everyone (i.e. emerging these questions to everyone). Some people come across other forms of these questions, and some people ask these questions in situations such as criticizing themselves or blaming themselves for something. For example, they might say, “What have I really achieved in such a job all these years?” What role did I play in the world? Or maybe someone else is wondering why I wasted my time in school and college for years? 

These are the questions that come to the mind of every intelligent person. I used the word “smart” because I really consider someone who has not faced such a challenge, deprived from intelligence. In fact, it does not matter how I evaluate such a person; what is important is that this person does not get anything from his life and he/she will not be satisfied with it. I will definitely talk about cognition of human in more details in my next articles and I will answer your questions as well, but let me just focus on this topic in this article.

Why the way of finding the answer of mentioned question is more critical?

Everyone has variety of experiences of life, faces different challenges and learns from them. This is an appropriate idea by default. But do we really learn from life? Is it possible to consider that what we have learned are correct? How successful have we been to observe all aspects of the issue? Have we had pure experiences to see and learn? Definitely, the farther we are from pollutants and impurity, the better we learn. But what I want from you is to focus on this issue: How to get through all this happenings and challenges?

Without a doubt, complexity and fast-paced events are features of life. It is neither possible nor efficient to fight these factors. The right way is to confront them (instead of fighting them). People want to win when confronted and take on all the coordinates that form from something like a race in their mind. But while confronting, people will learn how to learn! There is no need to worry about “who” or “what to learn from”. I have no doubt, you who are reading this article agree with me about the previous sentence. A wise man/woman does not block the way of learning. Learns and crosses. Therefore, the concern that remains is how to learn or, as I mentioned in the headline, is the way to find the answer.

Releasing yourself while being determined to be aware is the keyword for finding an answer to this question. Determined and being serious to be familiar with yourself and discovering the meaning of life are basic procedure. Even while drinking water, look for a paraphrase of yourself and life. When you feel good smell, think about… I prefer not to say what you should think! Do this yourself as a personal task; if you have not discovered anything sensible and meaningful from this task, share your experience with me so we can talk about it. 

meaning of life
Meaning of life; an article by Ali Iranmanesh