Ali Iranmanesh who is originally from Kerman, was born in Esfahan on May 1984. Through gaining various experiences, he tasted life until he finally knew himself and found his way. He knew who is he, what is the meaning of life and which is the mystical and spiritual way of life. He considers human the greatest creature of God and tries to put the mirror in front of those who seek themselves through his teachings. His personal studies began with mathematics, and then with physics and philosophy he paved the way for the study of mysticism.

Although he taught management and business at university for many years and wrote numerous books and manuscripts in this field, but for a long time now, he has changed his line of study and research on the mystical and spiritual lifestyle. Shams Tabrizi is the inspiration for his ideas in his lectures and training courses. With the establishment of Shams Academy, he talks about conscious and mystical life. In the first season of Shams Academy, he peruses and interprets the great and valuable book entitled “Discourse of Shams”. He tries to send the message of Shams Tabrizi to enthusiastic audiences around the world. The second season is about the conscious and mystical life while the third season concentrates on the meaning of life. 

Ali Iranmanesh shares the mystical and spiritual way of life with his audiences. In his studies, he focuses on Shams Tabrizi. He explores the valuable works of great professors and instructors such as Ahmad Khoshnevis (Emad), Mohammad Ali Movahed, Mohammad Hasan Naser-eddin Sahebzamani, Jalaluddin Homaei, Badiozzaman Forouzanfar, Mohammad-Reza Shafiei Kadkani, Gholamhossein Ebrahimi Dinani, Coleman Barks and William C. Chittick. He also helps his audiences finding ways to overcome mystical and spiritual concerns by holding training courses and private mentoring sessions. To reserve a consulting session, you can send an email to: 

Ali Iranmanesh