Mystical and Spiritual Mentoring

To know and to act are different. Ali Iranmanesh‘s private mentor, training and counseling helps us to choose the right point of view, put aside previous misconceptions, and learn right things in right way. Choosing and adopting a mystical and spiritual lifestyle is something that is a real human need in the 21st century. It may seems that mystical life has more fans among the people of Eastern societies, but contrary to this expectation, nowadays the mystical and spiritual lifestyle has many fans and followers in Western societies. The reason may be is that what we know as the West has tried various ways, and with the help of technology and increasing economic power, has tried much more diverse ideas and chosen the best one.

What is more interesting than the growing popularity of the citizens of West of the global village in the spiritual lifestyle is that they often receive such teachings from the East. For example, for many years, great people such as Shams Tabrizi and Mawlana Jalaluddin Balkhi (Rumi) have a great majority of audiences in the international community, especially in the West. Thinkers such as Professor William C. Chittik have written and lectured so much about Shams, Mawlana (Rumi) and Ibn Arabi that they have been able to convey the truth of the message of these great men to the world in a deep and wide-range way.

For Persian speakers, Ali Iranmanesh also conducts private training courses. These trainings and consultations are suitable for people who have found their reason and motivation to attend such courses. These candidates do not find common teaching methods appropriate for them and focus on learning and knowledge, instead of educational scales and grades. To start your course, please feel free to send an email. 

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