Shams Academy Merchandise

Shams Academy has grown with your companionship and empathy. All the costs of the academy are funded personally and based on public support. Therefore, a decision was made to offer the professional services from the academy team to the public. The income obtained from this method will be used to cover part of the costs of the academy. “Shams Academy Merchandise” is a way to support the academy in such a way that you receive the services or goods you need, without paying an additional fee. In this way you automatically support Shams Academy.

Web Development

This service is suitable for you if you want to have a personal or business website. We prepare your customized website very fast with amazing fair cost. 

Business and Marketing Consultant 

Do business? Our experienced consultants give you the best solutions for your niche. 

Facilities for Article Publishing 

We are on contract with two journals titled Journal of Applied Managerial Market Research (JAMMR) and Journal of Mysticism and Consciousness Life (JMCL). The scope of JAMMR is Business, Marketing, Management, Tourism, Human Resource Management and Economics; while JMCL covers Spiritual, Mysticism, Life-Style and related subjects. Before submit your manuscript to one of these journals, you can send it us so our scholars will give you notes to make the paper qualified. 

Tourism Solutions 

Linkourism has founded in 2018. It prepares specific solutions in Tourism for the people and the businesses which are active in this industry. Linkourism is now with us to help our audiences. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also send a request through the inquiry button in this page. You also can contact us via this email address: